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Do you like Money, Sports, Gambling and the bright lights of Vegas with all the comforts of your own home or office? If you answered yes look no further. Welcome to Fabulous 1BETVEGAS.com, your new and exciting world of online gaming! At 1vegasbet you can find a vast array of online games ranging from sports, entertainment, casino and more…Find us 24 hours a day 7 days a week right at your fingertips. We bring the world of online gaming right to your home computer.

Online SportsbookBonusFast PayoutsAnyone Can Use It?Official Website
$250Click for Biggest Bonus
1BetVegas$0red xOnly available to registered booking agentsBooking Agent Page

Wagers taken over the phone at 1betvegas mobile or on the internet at www.1betvegas.com

On our easy to read website, you will find all the tools and information you need to get started such as:

  • Navigating through the login, customer ID, and password process
  • Rules and requirements
  • Casino games and how to play
  • Horse racing and betting guide
  • Sports calendar with a list of upcoming events



  • Wagers offered on sports, entertainment, politics and much more
  • Limitless amounts of wagering options
  • Will search for the line your looking for


  • Major and minor tracks
  • Real-time betting
  • All your favorite horse betting options

Casino Gaming

  • Table bets start at $1 minimum
  • Known as having one of the most premiere software in the online gaming industry
  • Many favorite table games

Wagering over the phone

  • We will answer your call with a friendly hello and what can we do for you.
  • Then before we go any further for security purposes you must give your Personal Account Number and password before you may wager or access your account information.
  • Phone calls are recorded and wagers will not be read back once placed.
  • If calls get disconnected it is your responsibility to call us back
  • All bets recognized on tape are considered placed.
  • In the case of a discrepancy, all recordings will be played and the manager will make the decision and all decisions are FINAL.

Wagering over the internet

  • All players must log in and access their account before placing a wager.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to keep their password secret and secure as all bets placed are valid. Players may request a password change at any time.
  • All wagers must be confirmed first with the account holders wager password. If a wager is not confirmed it cannot be placed.
  • It is the sole responsibility of each player to make sure the wage you place is correct after making a wager and before logging out of your account. If a mistake has been made by the player it can be deleted if:

1.The mistake made by the player is reported within the first 30 minutes of the game;
2.The event the wager was placed on has not begun;
3.A change in the line or odds of the event has not occurred.
4.The wager placed on the event is $500 or less.